The Next Wave of Grocery Powered by AI with Shockoe & RDA Webinar

About the Webinar

AI is impacting nearly every industry, for the grocer, CPG, and retail industries AI can improve the customer experience, improve your bottom line, and create new efficiencies for your team. To maximize AI’s impact though you’ll need the right tools and partners to implement it.

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In this Webinar,

Shockoe and RDA cover the following topics:

  • Tangible use cases for AI, like AI search, and cutting-edge immersive tech
  • The most effective way to implement AI through roadmaps and third-party sources
  • Opportunities to better manage your supply chain, increase margins, and streamline your business operations
  • The unique benefits of AI for customers to build brand loyalty through every interaction

About Chad Solomonson, RDA

Chad Solomonson is the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) at RDA. He leads RDA’s marketing and lead generation team as well as the company’s alliance program.

As CCO with more than 25 years of business-to-business strategy, marketing, and sales, Chad oversees account-based marketing programs to build brand awareness, enter new markets, drive new business, and strengthen existing client relationships.

Chad joined RDA from Oracle (part of Opower acquisition), where he helped leading utilities deliver proactive, digital communications that raise customer satisfaction, manage energy demand, and lower service costs. Previously, he also worked for Microsoft, Lime Energy, and Duke Energy and has been involved in many successful startups as an entrepreneur. Interested in learning how RDA can solve your business problems and set you up for greater success in the future? Schedule a meeting with Chad!

About Shockoe

Shockoe takes your vision, leverages deep experience, and measures everything they build, so, whether it's your first app ever or you're refining 2.0, you make the profound impact you desire. They create mobile apps that elevates the retail experience in- and out-of-store expanding and improving the way customers browse, book, and buy.

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