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365 Copilot Workshop

Prepare your business for a seamless Copilot implementation.

Unleash the potential of Microsoft 365 Copilot with RDA + Crayon's tailored one-day workshop.


Our immersive workshop evaluates your readiness and provides actionable next steps that will help you navigate the challenges and opportunities surrounding your Copilot implementation.

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Schedule your tailored Copilot workshop now!

Get Copilot ready with RDA + Crayon.

If you're looking to embrace AI, enhance technical readiness, navigate change management, or customize your experience, this workshop is the key to unlocking consistent success.

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RDA and Crayon have been empowering enterprises to enhance their customer journeys since 2019. By leveraging Crayon's cutting-edge licensing capabilities with RDA's invaluable advisory and support services, we unlock unprecedented innovation that sets us apart from all other Microsoft partners. Together, we thoroughly analyze your present and future goals while providing expert guidance on the licenses, technologies, and tools needed to establish a future-proof data platform. 

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Get a step ahead on your Microsoft 365 Copilot journey.

Equip your team with a clear roadmap for a successful implementation.

Our Copilot experts will guide your organization on your transformative journey for a successful implementation. With tailored support from onboarding to advanced utilization, our goal is to help your team design and implement actions that optimize productivity and enhance performance.


Understand the full potential of Microsoft 365 Copilot with our supplemental offerings:

  • Technical readiness services
  • Adoption and change management services 
  • Extensibility services



Partner with a proven Microsoft development firm.

Gain a competitive edge and experience the benefits of AI-driven innovation with a Gold-certified Microsoft Cloud Service Provider.

RDA has partnered with Microsoft for over 25 years to deliver exceptional customer solutions, enabling digital transformation across numerous enterprises. Our expertise in designing and implementing cloud solutions is supported by:





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