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Drive revenue, loyalty, and retention with a single customer view.

In order to produce standout customer experiences, your organization’s martech stack should be built on a strong foundation that collects and interprets only the most accurate, up-to-date customer data.


The CDP, or customer data platform is one of martech’s most powerful tools. By bringing together multiple data sets and creating a single customer view, the CDP shapes highly personalized digital interactions that are delivered to the right person, on the right device, at precisely the right time.

RDA's years of experience building and integrating with digital experience platforms means your CDP solution best matches your business requirements and makes full use of your investments.

The cost savings associated with the CDP are one of its biggest selling points. As a multi-tasking powerhouse, the CDP drives significant savings across a range of teams.

Sales and digital marketing teams can access insights, automate customer journeys, and use advanced segmentation to minimize advertising spend, while product managers and customer experience teams can examine customer feedback, determine user engagement, and identify potential improvements.


CDP Drives Personalization

Personalized campaigns & customer experiences triggered by customer data can drive revenue up by 15% and increase marketing spend efficiency by up to 30%.

RDA's experts will guide your CDP strategy.

The following are some of the most common use cases for a CDP:

  • You need to connect siloed data collected by your organization
  • You need to get a 360-degree understanding of your customers and their journey
  • Your organization wants to offer a more intuitive, personalized experience
  • You need to combine online and offline data
  • You want to cross-sell and up-sell products

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