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RDA Celebrates Premier Agency Status with Subscription Management Partner, Recharge


Recharge Premier Agency Partner Banner 2024

Partnership maximizes LTV, increases retention, and accesses a powerful recurring revenue stream for RDA Clients

RDA's partnership with Recharge continues to grow! We are thrilled to announce that due to the collaborative milestones we've been able to reach, RDA has been recognized as a 2024 Recharge Premier Agency Partner!

Earning this status as a Premier Partner fills our team with immense pride. Together, we've assisted our clients in supercharging subscription capabilities, transforming the way online shopping is experienced.

We extend a heartfelt thanks to the Recharge team for honoring us with this recognition. Achieving this status serves as a powerful affirmation of our dedication to providing innovative eCommerce solutions that have a real impact. 

We Love Recharge's APIs!

Recharge integrates with all major eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce. You can even use the Recharge API to build custom use cases or integrations with any other ecommerce platform.

Recharge is a leading subscription payment platform designed for merchants to effortlessly set up and manage a dynamic recurring billing cycle on their web and mobile platforms. With a wide array of subscription management tools and advanced automation features, Recharge provides top-tier solutions essential for optimizing online business operations.

By utilizing Recharge's powerful API, businesses can create a seamless subscription experience and effortlessly automate recurring payments, ultimately saving valuable time and resources. With a comprehensive suite of tools, Recharge empowers businesses to streamline their technology stack, gain a holistic view of their data, and effortlessly test their programs using a unified solution that encompasses all the necessary products and tools.

RDA + Recharge

We’re a digital consultancy on a mission to make a difference. Our team of strategists, designers, and engineers guide forward-thinking companies in delivering solutions that grow business and deliver results. The unique value we bring to our clients as they navigate Recharge's powerful platform is our integration experience and technical depth.

With more than 30 years of digital expertise across various platforms, our team is uniquely positioned to design and implement modern eCommerce experiences that revolutionize the way online shopping is experienced. RDA's team of experts combine in-house capabilities with Recharge's proven and reliable technology to assist businesses in discovering payment systems that best suit their unique needs. Together, our objective is to help foster merchant growth, enhance order value, attract new customers, and reduce subscriber churn.

Learn more about the RDA + Recharge partnership, here

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