Product Strategy & Technology Evaluation

A new enterprise technology project is a complex and potentially risk-filled process.  Our consultants understand that time to value and return on investment are tremendously important to your company.

RDA's product strategy and technology evaluation is a 5-7 week program designed to take your product from inception to execution. Our goal at the end of this program is to give you all the tools to hit the ground running with your product implementation!

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Hot Topic: Customer Data Insights 

CDP's are Back! 

The CDP, or customer data platform is one of martech’s most powerful tools. By bringing together multiple data sets and creating a single customer view, the CDP shapes highly personalized digital interactions that are delivered to the right person, on the right device, at precisely the right time.

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Our independent, highly experienced consultants will guide your selection.



We are experts in digital platform solutions. This concentration means our expert consultants, who understand the unique needs of your industry and your business, also know how to help you select a solution that will deliver the most benefit and greatest performance improvement for your organization.


Our Proven Approach.

Our structured program is led by our Product Design and Strategy team to understand your business and your customer’s perspectives, analyze your product against your competitors and come up with an attainable list of requirements

RDA's platform experts will assess the current product, and deliver recommendations and architecture against the functional and non-functional requirements.

Our project management team will create a roadmap, total cost of ownership (TCO), and implementation plan based on our recommendations.

Strategy Deliverables 


RDA will conduct the following tasks in order to provide a clear strategy :

  • Review of current documentation, strategies, and work conducted or in progress
  • Business Stakeholder Interviews 
  • Customer Interviews or Surveys
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Current Capabilities Analysis
  • Analytics Review
  • Visioning Workshop
  • Persona and Journey Mapping
  • Requirements Prioritization Exercise
  • Coordination with Partners & Platforms
Technical Assessment & Recommendation

In the Technical workstream, we will deliver the following:

  • Workshop Documentation
  • Technical Assessment and Audit
  • Technology/Platform Evaluation
  • Requirement-to-Platform Feature Traceability
  • Total Cost of Ownership comparison
  • Technology Recommendation
  • Future State Solution Architecture
Roadmap and Sprint Plan

In the Roadmap workstream, we will deliver the following documentation:

  • Roadmap and Timeline
  • MVP Backlog including:
    Detailed user stories
    Effort estimates
    High-level budget
    Staffing plan
    Risk register

Our primary focus is on facilitating your successful outcome.

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