Managed Services

RDA’s customers enjoy the peace of mind that our white-glove, full-support managed services provide. We offer the services you need when you need them, including 24x7 monitoring, continuous feature development, solution architecture-as-a-service, and ad-hoc support.


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Value to our Clients

RDA's application managed services is for the dev, test, and production Sitecore environments hosted by Sitecore Managed Cloud.

Key Services that are included

Onboarding is a one-time activity that is a prerequisite to being able to provide recurring service.  By detailing what the onboarding services entail, the expectations for what happens first and when recurring service can begin is clearly communicated.

Management is the ongoing coordination and validation of all services defined to ensure that all activities are being performed on the proper schedule and ensure all inbound requests are triaged.

Application Monitoring
Application monitoring provides proactive monitoring so that you can respond to issues before it affects visitors for an extended period of time. Monitoring triggers a triage exercise when an issue is discovered, which will then determine if remediation is required.

Review and Acceptance
We demonstrate the feature before it is released. Documenting acceptance forces the team to think about all of the edge cases and makes it clear what the boundaries of the story are so the team can stay on time and on budget. The features allotted for delivery are quantified by a relative sizing system.

Remediation provides fixes for any issues covered by the scope of application monitoring. Fixes may include configuration change, code change, or data change. If it is discovered that a root cause is due to an external factor outside of RDA’s control, then the effort will be recorded against the retainer allotment.

RDA will also provide additional support on a monthly interval throughout the year to supplement your team and ensure there is specialized Sitecore assistance available when needed.

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Sitecore Summits Series

The Sitecore Summits Series are quick 20 minute sessions hosted once a month by Jaina Baumgartner, Director of Digital Solutions at RDA and 3x Sitecore Strategy MVP 2019-21.

The goal of this series is to inspire Sitecore users and share tips to help you optimize your Martech investments. Each session features a special guest who is an expert in the topic. Sessions start with a 5 minute interview then dive into a live demo. Join us!

Learn More About the Sitecore Summits Series

Other Sitecore Services

While business goals and strategies evolve, our Sitecore workshops guide you along your journey.

We offer free workshops to:

  • Facilitate a deeper understanding of the complexities and challenges for all stakeholders.
  • Recognize and assess potential areas of risk to the success of the project.
  • Establish a benchmark for the mix of skills and capabilities necessary for the successful accomplishment of the project.

Your organization can take advantage of one of the following complimentary RDA workshops:

Sitecore upgrade workshopCMS Upgrade Planning

In this custom workshop, we help you answer the questions that come with a CMS upgrade: Is it time? How do we budget? What ROI can we expect?

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digital roadmappingDigital Road Mapping

We work with marketing and IT teams to uncover insights around culture, technology, organization, and metrics to construct a digital roadmap.

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content hub workshopCentralizing Content

Increase the value of your content and empower your marketers to spend more time being creative and less time looking for and recreating assets.

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Sitecore top 10

Maximize your Sitecore investment.

With RDA, you gain access to a Sitecore support team to help you find solutions to your biggest obstacles:

  • Keep your platform at peak performance
  • Turn your challenges into advantages
  • Overcome your development frustrations

Stop settling for mediocre and build out your business’s ultimate optimized platform. Contact us today for more information on how to get started!