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Modernizing Your Business Intelligence​

Many enterprises continue to struggle to get the "single source of the truth" from their data...resulting in confusion and digital hesitation. 

Today's applications collect a significant amount of data and without clarity, enterprise teams are resorting to guessing what customers want/like. Key market opportunities are being missed.. ​

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Build Modern Business Intelligence

RDA's experts can help you transform raw data into facts and dimensions to unlock smart decisions.  ​

Get started with RDA's Packaged Advisory Program:
  • We will identify/refine the data element set and relationships between the data sets​
  • We understand your data transformation requirements​
  • We assess data integration requirements​
  • We identify audience, reporting needs and relevant toolset components​

You will receive:

  • A modern infrastructure design​
  • Detailed requirements and estimates​
  • An Implementation Roadmap and rough order of magnitude (ROM) for future phases.

Pandora's Story: Pandora struggled to understand their consumers, so they hired RDA to create a system that would provide Marketing with insights into consumer behavior including buying patterns, retention, email engagement, responsiveness to sales & promotions, and several other criteria.

See how RDA enabled Pandora to make better decisions and position the company for significant growth.



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