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Merging exceptional design and engineering excellence.

We engineer customer experiences that are user friendly, intuitive and target to your audience. Take a tour of our design studio to learn more.


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UX Services


UX Strategy & Testing

We tackle complex design strategy from both user experience and engineering perspectives. Our design strategy focuses on the users’ needs and how merging design and technology can make their lives easier and more enjoyable. We also build experimentation and testing into our strategies to ensure user behaviors are always driving the strategy.


Rapid Prototyping

RDA creates wireframes and prototypes using tools and techniques that allow for quick iteration cycles. That means we create and test wireframes quickly to validate our direction before we work out all details. By providing a simulated experience, we can quickly improve any design flaws, saving both time and money by resolving issues before and during development.


Personalized Creative Design

Our user interface (UI) design services are visually appealing, brand strengthening digital experiences that attract and retain users. We personalize and test UI solutions that are tailored individually to your audience and reflect customer values. Our design services effectively validate your business objectives, including conversion, growth, and successful up- and cross-selling.


Front-End Development

We specialize in bridging the gap between design and back-end dev. We use latest tools like React, Angular, Vue JS, Svelte, and Ember JS for developing powerful user-friendly interfaces. Our team follows agile development methodology, programming practices, and coding standards, ensuring that end-user needs are critical to the entire application development process.

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