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Acuity Brands

How Acuity Brands Turned Their B2B Website Into a Growth Engine

Integrating AI into Acuity’s DXP created new possibilities, minus the complexity.


Shedding light on what visitors need.

Acuity Brands provides lighting and building management solutions for commercial, institutional, industrial, infrastructure, and residential applications, employing over 13,000 associates across North America, Europe, and Asia. They’re the largest manufacturer of lighting and lighting control systems in North America. With 5,000+ product offerings across 8 different categories, 32 brands, and 14 independent brand websites, it’s safe to say that their catalog is complex.


  • It took 72 hours for employees to catalog new inventory
  • 15% of users couldn’t find the product they were looking for
  • Search results took up to 15 seconds
  • Page load times took 5 seconds


  • Catalog upload time reduced to 2 hours
  • Only 5% of users are unable to find a product they’re looking for
  • Search results take as little as 2 seconds
  • Page load times are down to 2 seconds

RDA's Services:

  • Advisory Services: Art of the Possible
  • Design & Build : Deployed: Sitecore 9, Coveo machine learning for AI Search, PaaS Microsoft Azure, CDN, PIM, Salesforce Integration, oAUTH, and REST API
  • Optimization Services: Retainer Services
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“Our site is set up like a B2C site although we’re B2B. Our customers are consumers. They’re on the internet all day long, so we want to make sure that we give that same experience, even though they’re searching our site for their jobs.”


Senior Manager, Integrated Content

Client success story:


Covington worked with RDA to harness the power of personalization to tailor Covington's content to specific users.

As a result, users stayed on their site more than double the time they did before. The site also experienced a 115% increase in subscriptions and a 93 percent increase in total page views of tech sector content.

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