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Recharge & RDA

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Customers

RDA and Recharge work together to discover innovative payment solutions that will turn your one-time buyers into loyal repeat customers.

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Our team of experts combine in-house capabilities with industry knowledge and Recharge's proven and reliable technology to assist businesses in discovering payment systems that best suit their unique needs. Together, our objective is to help businesses foster merchant growth, enhance order value, attract new customers, and reduce subscriber churn.


Check out RDA's Recharge expert page here. 

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Supercharge your subscription capabilities.  

Create a customized shopping experience that aligns with your brand by combining multiple products into one subscription.

RDA experts can help you make the shopping experience easier while generating a reliable and consistent income flow by offering your customers the convenience to: 

  • Subscribe
  • Repurchase
  • Explore new products
  • Easily manage personal accounts
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Premier Agency Status with Recharge

RDA's partnership with Recharge continues to grow!

Our partnership maximizes LTV, increases retention, and accesses a powerful recurring revenue stream for RDA Clients. Together, we assist our clients in supercharging subscription capabilities, transforming the way online shopping is experienced.

Recharge integrates with any eCommerce platform. 




Enhance your website's revenue stream and cultivate brand loyalty through recurring purchases. With the expertise of RDA, you can seamlessly integrate Recharge's subscription management app with Shopify and Shopify Plus.



Optimize your BigCommerce subscriptions and maximize revenue growth by allowing your brand to foster meaningful relationships with your customers. BigCommerce vendors can now integrate with Recharge for a seamless subscription experience. 


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Offer subscriptions on any headless site with the combined expertise of Recharge and RDA. Grow your eCommerce site with robust APIs that deliver a user-friendly experience while saving your business time and money.  

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