The landscape of digitization is shifting, growing, and complexifying. This is not the time for a set-it-and-forget-it strategy. This is the era of customized plans built on agility, scale, and tested processes.


In our 30+ years of doing business, RDA has helped our clients land quick wins and create long-term success through designing, building, and optimizing marketing technology.

We like to think of ourselves as the guides, navigators, and compass builders of the digital age. We're the cartographers who map out the best strategies and the explorers who travel the edge of the ever-changing digital landscape.

Our expertise aligns into three major areas — advisory, design and build, and optimization.



Our cloud and digital experts collaborate with your team to develop a customized plan to give you a clear path forward.

We start by helping you imagine the art of the possible. In our customized workshops, we guide you through insights to unlock the value in current investments or prepare for new digital platforms. You will leverage these insights to learn how well your content meets your stakeholders’ and customers’ expectations. 

Then we talk about "what if…" We'll help you develop and evaluate your ideas, understand your competitive position, and explore the impact being digital has on your business.

From there, we work to outline technical solutions for quick-win strategies based on best practices in your industry. Depending on your distinct needs, we can help you select the right platform, modernize applications, build a digital roadmap, centralize content, and increase your team's technical depth.



Design & Build

Processes shape outcomes.

Building on RDA’s software engineering heritage, we believe in and practice agile project management, a long-standing approach to project delivery. Agile lowers risk and helps demonstrate tangible progress.

Using this approach, we work with you to understand what you need — the applications, hubs, upgrades, and processes that create success. We've designed and built applications, integrated data across platforms, personalized consumer experiences, and enhanced digital experiences.

At RDA, we can also build RPA (robotic process automation) solutions to automate repetitive, high-volume tasks and free up your team for creative work. Providing digital platform implementations, migrations, and rescues for our clients is something RDA has been doing for decades.

robotic process automation



Learn more about Platform Optimization

The accelerated pace of digital transformation is leaving many companies scrambling to keep up.

Those organizations that opted for a static approach to digital platform solutions have been overtaken by those that chose to optimize. Your organization doesn't have to be overtaken.

At RDA, optimization means maximizing your digital platform investment and ensuring it can scale as you grow into new markets and channels.

Together with you, we'll review and improve the impact of every feature and solution within your platform. For our B2B clients, that might mean doing rigorous market analytics. For others, it may require driving API integrations or automating manual processes.

Our optimization experts can design and manage your environment to keep driving value from your services. Or we can tailor-make a packaged monthly program to leverage your investments, drive deeper adoption within the organization, and ultimately improve performance.

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