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Workshops Work.

We meet you where you are on the journey.

Our team works with your team to explore various technology solutions, concepts, implementation, and optimization best practices that consider your unique business challenges to provide you with actionable next steps. 

In our workshops, you learn to clarify your goals and understand the scope of your projects.

Workshops work
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RDA's Workshop Offerings

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RDA's Advisory Workshops

While business goals and strategies evolve, our services guide you along your journey — whether you're looking for a digital experience platform to propel you forward or leveraging data to drive automation and mitigate risk.

Art of the Possible

Unlock game-changing ideas, create new customer and employee experiences, and integrate technology.

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Digital Road Mapping

Minimize risk and maximize the possibilities your digital investments can create for your business.

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Platform Tech Selection

We evaluate your tech stack and provide thoughtful technology recommendations based on your current state and future plans.

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B2B Commerce Connect

Uncover the key elements that make a memorable buying experience from navigation to personalization.

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Integrating AI Search 

Gain invaluable insights, uncover innovative strategies, and leverage AI to enhance your search capabilities.

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Peak Personalization

Our leading Personalization offering is a packaged 4 -week program that takes your digital experience platform to the next level.

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Product Strategy & Technology Evaluation

5-7 week program designed to take your product from inception to execution. 

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Sitecore Workshops

Sitecore's range of digital experience solutions empower brands to meet their customers' demands, from content to experience to commerce. Across channels, devices and platforms, for every industry and every team, our Sitecore experts enable business and builders to create, collaborate, centralize and convert.


XM Cloud  Go / No Go

In this custom workshop, we help you answer the questions that come with an XM cloud upgrade: Is it time? How do we budget? 

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Order Cloud

Learn how to design and deliver modern B2B ecommerce experiences, order management, and marketplace solutions.

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Content Hub

Collaborate effortlessly on content strategy, creation, and distribution with an end-to-end content operations solution.

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Microsoft Workshops

As your business goals and strategies evolve, our services will be there to support you every step of the way. Our Microsoft experts will empower your businesses with seamless scalability, enhanced security, and unmatched agility. 

Microsoft AI Assessment

Deliver on the promises of accelerated business through assistive generative technology.

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Application Modernization

Learn about the benefits of the cloud, while reviewing your existing application and mapping it to Azure PaaS services.

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Leveraging Containers

Discover the limitless possibilities of containerization with Microsoft's cutting-edge technology.



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