Workshops & Advisory Services

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Why Our Workshops Work

RDA workshops are not just transfers of information. Our team collaborates with you to assess technical solution options and map out a quick-win strategy based on proven best practices in your industry.

In our workshops, you learn to clarify your goals and understand the scope of your projects.

Clarity of Business Goals

Does your organization have a clear vision of the expected outcome from the implementation? Are the business goals clear? Is the vision well understood across the organization? How does the business measure success?

Understanding of Scope

Do the Business and IT stakeholders fully appreciate the scale, the scope, the complexity of the project, and any potential compromises? How much of the business does the implementation affect? Is this mission-critical?


Advisory Services

While business goals and strategies evolve, our services guide you along your journey — whether you're looking for a digital experience platform to propel you forward or leveraging data to drive automation and mitigate risk.

We offer free workshops and in-depth advisory to:

  • Facilitate a deeper understanding of the complexities and challenges for all stakeholders.
  • Recognize and assess potential areas of risk to the success of the project.
  • Establish a benchmark for the mix of skills and capabilities necessary for the successful accomplishment of the project.

Your organization can take advantage of one of the following complimentary RDA workshops:

circle-art-of-the-possibleArt of the Possible

Get key questions answered on important platform decisions. Visualize solutions to build confidence and digital journeys.

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digital roadmappingDigital Road Mapping

We work with marketing and IT teams to uncover insights around culture, technology, organization, and metrics to construct a digital roadmap.

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Sitecore upgrade workshopCMS Upgrade Planning

In this custom workshop, we help you answer the questions that come with a CMS upgrade: Is it time? How do we budget? What ROI can we expect?

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KPI development workshopKPI Development

In this workshop, you can start to map ROI to market spend, create a marketing roadmap, and get to know your customers better.

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content hub workshopCentralizing Content

Increase the value of your content and empower your marketers to spend more time being creative and less time looking for and recreating assets.

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Acuity Brands Case Study

Find out how RDA made Acuity Brands' 4,500 product web pages load lightning fast for their customers.

Acuity's online inventory of over 4,500 product webpages was slowing down their site. With so many concurrent users, products, and out of sync programs, Acuity’s old system was a challenge for both its users and employees.

Learn how we brought page load time down to 2 seconds.

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We help you achieve that success by assessing technical solutions and mapping out a quick-win strategies based on proven best practices in your industry.

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