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Enhancement Services

Our enhancement services provide full-service capabilities on a part-time capacity to maintain a regular cadence of feature enhancements for your digital marketing platform.

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How It Works

For enhancement services, the delivery technique is similar to other agile software development projects, except that the pace is decelerated to accommodate part-time team members. This allows you to control your cost in proportion to the demand for new features your team wants to deploy.

The service begins with a planning session to seed an appropriate amount of work effort to kick off the service. During planning, the Team Lead will work with you to assign features to the next scheduled release. The number of features allotted to a release are based on your selected service level which will be described in the next section.

Each sprint begins with a planning session and concludes with a release.

As a team, we determine what groomed stories will be delivered in each release. This defines priority, scope, solution, and level of effort for future items. Any team member can understand the value of the story because it is written from the perspective of the end user and is free from technical jargon.

Review and Acceptance
We demonstrate the feature before it is released. Documenting acceptance forces the team to think about all of the edge cases and makes it clear what the boundaries of the story are so the team can stay on time and on budget. The features allotted for delivery are quantified by a relative sizing system.

A short status checkpoint outside of planning, grooming, and review sessions. Your dedicated Team Lead will establish a regular project cadence to deliver this service over the course of a year.

Service Levels
RDA has defined 4 service levels based on our experience optimizing many digital platforms. 

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