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Vercel combines the best developer experience with an obsessive focus on end-user performance.
The platform enables front-end teams to do their best work.

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Vercel RDA

RDA's experts leverage the Vercel platform to minimize architectural complexities for enterprise clients. RDA utilizes the power of Next JS to create high-speed, feature-rich, and fully functional custom applications that deliver customer experiences across many channels at scale.

Check out RDA's Vercel expert page here.

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Unlock the enhanced Next.js experience

Vercel provides a scalable solution to the largest of organizations with the newest best practices in content delivery while helping to reduce infrastructure/deployment overhead previously required to deploy Sitecore applications.

The Vercel Platform integrates any frontend tool or service into a single workflow to preview and deploy static sites and dynamic functions instantly across the globe to our intelligent Edge network. Users are able to leverage cutting-edge analytics to measure real user metrics and performance measurements with Vercel Analytics.

Vercel is also the creator and maintainer of Next.js, the world's leading React framework with over 1.8 million weekly npm downloads.

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