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Application Modernization: Migrating to the Cloud Podcast


About the Episode

Welcome to a special episode of the North Star podcast brought to you by RDA CCO, Chad Solomonson, and RDA Application Development & Modernization Practice Director, Jay Horan. In this episode, they talk about updating and migrating traditional software applications to cloud-based environments. Chad and Jay cover strategies, challenges, and benefits associated with this transformation, helping businesses leverage cloud technology effectively. 

Chad Solomonson - Circle Crop with ColorAbout Chad Solomonson

Chad Solomonson is the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) at RDA. He leads RDA’s marketing and lead generation team as well as the company’s alliance program.

As CCO with more than 25 years of business-to-business strategy, marketing, and sales, Chad oversees account-based marketing programs to build brand awareness, enter new markets, drive new business, and strengthen existing client relationships.

Chad joined RDA from Oracle (part of Opower acquisition), where he helped leading utilities deliver proactive, digital communications that raise customer satisfaction, manage energy demand, and lower service costs. Previously, he also worked for Microsoft, Lime Energy, and Duke Energy and has been involved in many successful startups as an entrepreneur. 

Jay Horan - Circle Crop with ColorAbout Jay Horan 

With over 17 years at RDA, Jay has been at the forefront of Application Development & Modernization, as well as Generative AI, managing a thriving $10MM practice. His passion lies in not just meeting targets, but exceeding them.

At the core of his work is his dedication to delivering quality software, fostering client relationships, and guiding technical sales.

Project execution is a strength, and Jay prides himself on handling complex projects. But, it's not just about numbers; his commitment to nurturing his team's growth has resulted in enhanced performance across the board.

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