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West Gulf Maritime Association (WGMA)

RDA developed a new system that allowed WGMA Member Companies to submit timesheets over the internet.  

The new system reduces the time required for WGMA to process payroll by 80%. 

The West Gulf Maritime Association is the membership of steamship owners, operators, and agents along with stevedoring, and terminal companies located in all Texas ports and the Port of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Today the Association has grown to over 200 members.


Port-wide Timesheet Submission becomes simpler and less prone to error

WGMA negotiates and administers various multi-employer collective bargaining agreements with the International Longshoremen’s Association in West Gulf ports. The West Gulf Maritime Association provides payroll, payroll support services, certification tracking, and grievance processing for stevedores operating under collective bargaining agreements. In addition, they coordinate the training of longshore workers to promote a safe and efficient working environment.

WGMA engaged RDA to develop an improved automated system to streamline the collection, validation, and approval of timesheets and the processing of payroll.  The new system improved the accuracy of the timesheets by allowing the Companies to fix errors early on.  In addition, a company-configurable multi-step approval workflow allows

Companies to more quickly process submitted timesheets.  The new system also reduced the time required for WGMA to process payroll by 80%. Since the system went live RDA has provided support to WGMA to maintain the system and perform system enhancements.

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