West Gulf Maritime Association (WGMA)

Automated the process for updating worker certifications

The West Gulf Maritime Association is the membership of steamship owners, operators, and agents along with stevedoring, and terminal companies located in all Texas ports and the Port of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Today the Association has grown to over 200 members.


Update of worker certification becomes more timely and accurate

WGMA negotiates and administers various multi-employer collective bargaining agreements with the International Longshoremen’s Association in West Gulf ports. The West Gulf Maritime Association provides payroll, payroll support services, certification tracking, and grievance processing for stevedores operating under the collective bargaining agreements. In addition, they coordinate the training of longshore workers to promote a safe and efficient working environment.

WGMA engaged RDA to develop an automated system around updating worker certifications to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Remove the need for the WGMA Certification Coordinator to manually update worker certifications
  • Allow worker certifications to be updated as soon as the trainer provides the completed training worksheet.
Since the system went live RDA has provided support to WGMA around maintenance and enhancements.

RDA's Services:


Key Benefits

WGMA has experienced the following benefits as a result of the new system:

  • The new system has a work order component that enables users to input the daily labor demand, which can be referenced at a later date if needed. 
  • The new system adds a level of detail and visibility into the hiring that was previously unavailable.
  • Many rules around the hiring processes are configurable, so IT administrators can change the system to accommodate changes to the hiring rules, both day to day (like emergencies or volunteer hiring on holidays) and big picture (changes to union rules).
  • The new system also provides a traceable record of all activity as well as reporting functionality.
  • The web-based, public interface allows users to access the system from anywhere.


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