STASteamship Trade Association of Baltimore (STA)

Labor Dispatch System

STA interfaces with the International Longshoreman’s Association on behalf of their clients to handle labor dispatch as well as labor contracts, payroll, and other services.


Back Office Modernization = Operational Performance

STA engaged RDA to develop a new system (Magnus) to manage labor dispatch. The previous system was technologically outdated and difficult to maintain and enhance.

Solution Detail
In addition to replicating the functionality of the previous system, Magnus automates the process by which longshoremen can scan in and print their labor tickets, and interfaces with STA’s new telephone and payroll systems.

The Magnus application is comprised of three separate layers: User Interface, Business, and Data. The UI Layer is a Click-Once deployed WinForm application that runs locally. The Business Layer is a set of .NET libraries hosted in Internet Information Services and exposed through .NET remoting services. The Data Layer consumed by the Business Layer is hosted along with the Business layer and is not publicly accessible.

The Same Day Labor Dispatching System (Magnus Dispatch) comprises numerous separate real-time applications:

• Magnus Dispatching Service
• Worker Bidding Screen
• Job Winner Display
• Ticket Printing Kiosks
• Dispatcher Intervention and Observation Station

Magnus Dispatch automates the dispatch process and removes the requirements of dispatchers to be aware of all workers’ information, such as suspensions, certifications, and prior or future work assignments. It can run in an automated and unattended mode as well as a manual mode for multiple locals concurrently.

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“As Senior Vice President of the Steamship Trade Association of Baltimore in charge of a new, state of the art dispatch system for ILA longshoremen working in the Port of Baltimore, a completely responsible and competent partner for our development needs was paramount to our success. The complexity of business rules and the atmosphere and environment where the application resides would not be attractive to the run of the mill development solution firm. RDA’s team embraced the numerous challenges presented to them and thrived in a difficult environment.

The overall dedication to the project was unsurpassed and the flexibility of the team’s schedule was adaptive to the project’s needs. RDA’s technical skills, communication skills, ability to work with other IT vendors, and professionalism were displayed from start to finish.

The Magnus dispatch system created by RDA has provided the Steamship Trade Association with a delivered dispatch solution with features and abilities that have put us in the forefront of labor dispatch.”

~ Joseph M. Greco, Senior Vice President, Steamship Trade Association of Baltimore


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