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RDA + Agile Brand Retailers Guide White Paper 0124

The Retailers’ Guide To Building The Composable Roadmap

The challenge for many retailers is that the front-end applications have become more advanced, offering better experiences for customers. However, the systems that manage the data supporting these applications are aging and holding back speed and innovation.  Several retailers use large, all-in-one content and commerce platforms that are good at some things, but their performance relies on the quality of the data behind them. As a result, IT and product teams have had to create their own solutions to fix these problems. 

Retail teams are in the early stages of realizing the business value of connected channels and customer experiences. As we move into 2024, these team will be challenged to drive profitability and sustained growth in an environment of emerging competitive threats and complexity.

This Retailer Guide To Building A Composable Roadmap is an action plan for innovation and agility in a modern digital marketplace. Commerce, Marketing Operations and IT leaders are all looking to simplify technical debt and to build a sustainable infrastructure for their organizations. Unifying teams with a composable roadmap will unlock new capabilities and ignite more speed and innovation.