Application Modernization

Modernization for an intuitive user experience

PDP is a global insurance services company that covers over 400 dealer locations and 750,000 vehicles. 


Modernization drives both client conversions & efficiencies


PDP was facing challenges centered around an outdated, poorly architected system that was incapable of providing modern user experiences. Time to market was extremely important, as they wanted to meet customer commitments in a timely manner.


RDA provided solution architecture documentation for their current environment, worked with stakeholders to create a roadmap for a best-practice future state architecture, and modernized their current solution with a web-based Azure solution for their current legacy back-end system, designed for scalability, resilience, and low cost of ownership.


The new solution provided faster time to market, a modern user experience, a low cost of ownership, and drastically improved revenue growth potential. This new platform increased the ability to profitably scale the business, onboard new vendors more quickly, and provided a better competitive position. 


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Benefits of App Modernization

Accelerated innovation and time to market. When organizations don't have to devote as much time and resources to maintaining apps and infrastructure, they can spend more time innovating. Cloud-based tools and services further help to streamline the development process, resulting in faster time to market.

Compatibility and agility. The advantage of modernizing apps isn't just that they'll be able to work with the most current technology—they'll keep working even as the technology evolves. This seamlessness allows for quick updates and changes to meet current and future business needs. It can also enable automatic scaling so that apps continue to work well when there are sudden increases in demand—and to instantly reduce costs when there are sudden decreases in demand.


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