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Enterprise System Modernization 

New York Shipping Association (NYSA) is a membership organization that represents the terminal operators, ocean carriers, stevedores, and marine-related businesses that operate the ships, move the cargo, and train and employ the longshore workers in the Port of New York and New Jersey.


Back Office Modernization = Operational Efficiency

NYSA's Enterprise Management System (EMS) is a mission-critical, 24-7 system used by NYSA Staff, ILA Funds employees, and companies around the world to manage every aspect of ILA Employee information (Payments, Pensions, Welfare, Vacation/Holiday, etc) as well as Assessments paid to NYSA by shipping companies.

The legacy system was based on Oracle Forms with an Oracle database back end. NYSA wanted to move the enterprise away from Oracle to take advantage of the cost benefits of the Microsoft platform and modernize its various features in the process. RDA took a phased approach and released each major sub-system into production over the three-year span of the project.

The new EMS system is designed to be highly flexible, and able to adjust quickly to changes and modifications that are frequently required based on changes to ILA agreements as well as tax laws.

Solution Detail

Drawing on RDA’s experience in developing similar solutions for the marine industry, the RDA team worked with NYSA to document the project vision, business requirements, and technical requirements for the new EMS system..

RDA then worked with NYSA to develop a complex, rules-based application that enables users to create, update, and delete employee-based data, as well as run a multitude of batch processes (such as employee years of service calculations) and reports. The system also provides output files that are provided to member companies and government agencies. The new system met all of NYSA’s objectives with regard to performance, security, flexibility, and extensibility, allowing for process changes if necessary. Additionally, RDA prepared materials for comprehensive user training and performed the training.

Now that the solution is live, RDA continues to provide support to NYSA.

RDA's Services:

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Key Benefits
NYSA has experienced the following benefits as a result of the new system:

  • The new system has a work order component that enables users to input the daily labor demand, which can be referenced at a later date if needed. This allows NYSA to identify skill shortages where more workers need to be trained.
  • The new system adds a level of detail and visibility into the hiring that was previously unavailable.
  • Many rules around the hiring processes are configurable, so IT administrators can change the system to accommodate changes to the hiring rules, both day to day (like emergencies or volunteer hiring on holidays) and big picture (changes to union rules).
  • The new system also provides a traceable record of all activity as well as reporting functionality.
  • The web-based, public interface allows users to access the system from anywhere.


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