Processing bogging down your productivity? Find out how our Salesforce integration streamlined processes and extended capabilities.

Our client uses a CMS/eCommerce platform that is used as the primary channel to provide their members with thought leadership and professional development training materials related to the financial services industry. The platform is effective at delivering information, but does not capture a 360-degree view of their members, as the site information was not syncing with their CRM platform. This “information silo” was inhibiting their marketing performance and targeted campaigns, impacting their ability to log order history, view valuable customer data, and monitor interactions on the site.  

Our client was juggling various platforms, stuck between two CRM’s: a low adoption of their existing Salesforce CRM as well as their new business CRM, which was not yet fully integrated. The client wanted a solution that could harmonize both business units, consolidate and centralize all data, streamline internal processes, and reduce operational costs.  

RDA and our client decided to integrate Sitecore CMS with a Salesforce CRM to capture interactions from web channels, such as sign ups, course registrations, and product orders. Their marketing team is now able to segment member data to perform personalized communications and, most importantly, analyze investments to ensure future success with products and services. RDA also analyzed their new legacy CRM, extracted all data, and mapped the information back into their Salesforce domain. Following data migration, the organization can act on a consolidated set of member data and gain maximum value from the acquisition. 

With the old system no longer active, our client reduced cost and improved internal efficiencies. They’re now better equipped to tailor marketing efforts, streamline internal processes, and handle future expansion. 

Since 2011, RDA's dedicated Sitecore developers have used Sitecore best practices, agile methodology and extensive systems integration to transform our client’s marketing strategies into action and drive their revenue.
As a Salesforce partner RDA delivers advanced digital marketing and customer solutions that put our clients ahead of the competition – understanding audiences on a deeper level, increasing productivity and aligning digital marketing strategies to measurable outcomes.