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B2B Commerce Connect Workshop

Align Buyer Demands with an Intuitive, Customizable eCommerce B2B Platform

Today, every business is an online business with buyers that expect modern experiences.  B2B businesses have more complexities to consider.  

In this complimentary workshop, you will learn about modern B2B eCommerce solutions that address business needs but also align with unique business constraints.




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You and your team will have a clear path to future-proofing your B2B commerce experience.

RDA’s track record of success is based on disciplined software engineering that aligns business value with repeatable processes.

This workshop is perfect for: 

  • In-House eCommerce Teams evaluating modern commerce platforms.
  • Marketing Operations Leaders looking to bring agility to their enterprise with composable technologies.
  • IT & Application leaders seeking to simplify technical debt


We'll meet you where you are on the journey. 

A structured program led by our eCommerce Strategy team will understand your business, analyze your current state, and plan a solution to meet your customers' needs.

eCommerce Connect Workshop Agenda:

  • Modern B2B Commerce Insights and What’s Possible
  • Intro to MACH and Headless Architectures 
  • Review Requirements Definitions
  • Use Cases and Data Modeling
  • Key Integrations & Typical Project Breakdown

B2B Commerce North Star

We help you define a North Star vision to guide you, provide direction, inspire your teams, and help you achieve meaningful results. 

B2B Commerce Roadmap 

Our team will create a roadmap, and provide a technology recommendation and implementation plan based on your unique requirements.



Reimagine your B2B buyers' experience.

Having a well structure eCommerce roadmap is the right first step to achieving your commerce vision. Having a long-term relationship with a trusted partner that can execute the plan is what turns that vision into reality.

Don't just take our word for it.

We help build success for our clients.

We are proud to work with innovative clients across industries.  Our experience, certifications, and high level of flexibility allow us to help our clients grow successfully and strategically.

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