Digital Transformation Evaluation

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Technology expands our capabilities to understand our customers and deliver a seamless experience, but can quickly become outdated allowing competitors to get ahead. Companies that digitally transform their tech stack continue to meet customer expectations, expand their market reach, and increase their capabilities.

By 2020 all enterprises’ performance will be measured by benchmarks in customer engagement, digitization of new and traditional offerings, operational efficiency, and organizational agility. Many companies struggle with digital transformation when legacy systems continue to do so much of the heavy lifting, but you need to adapt if you want to survive. Addressing your technology landscape now is essential for future success.

RDA is a tour guide like no other in digital modernization transformation. We will guide your business to become digitally agile by working with you to understand your goals, develop a modern solution that supports your business objectives, and design a plan that fits with your schedule for easy integration.

Our Roadmap to IT Application Modernization is specifically designed to help you accomplish the following:

  1. Understand your digital maturity - knowing which applications are working well and which need modern replacements.
  2. Identify solutions that will expand your business capabilities, create internal efficiencies, and reduce infrastructure
  3. Develop a clear way forward to digital transformation

Get started today with our Roadmap to IT Application Modernization:

  1. Begin by filling out the form and within 2 days, you’ll receive a confirmation email qualifying you for the assessment.
  2. After receiving the confirmation email, RDA will schedule and facilitate a 30 minute phone call to learn about your company and goals.
  3. As needed, RDA will facilitate 2-3 phone interviews with identified team members for further understanding of your tech stack and business goals.
  4. RDA will then present and share recommendations to the specified team.

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