Sitecore Summits Series

Sitecore Summits Series

This series will consist of quick 20 minute sessions hosted once a month by Jaina Baumgartner, Director of Digital Solutions at RDA and 3x Sitecore Strategy MVP 2019-21.

Our goal is to inspire Sitecore users and share tips to help you optimize your Martech investments. Each session will feature a special guest who is an expert in the topic. The session will start with a 5 minute interview and then dive into a live demo. 

Next Summit is on September 23, 11:30am ET. 
Owning Your Commerce Roadmap
Check back for more details! In the meantime check out our recorded Summits below! 
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Sitecore Experience Accelerator + Horizon Editor
Whether you're a pro-marketer or content editor spending their days in Sitecore or a web manager in the market for a new CMS, this session is for you! Jaina Baumgartner will do a quick interview with Mark van Aalst, Senior Technical Evangelist at Sitecore and then Mark will walk us through a demo of Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) and Horizon editor to show how easy it is for marketers to create and edit landing pages using out of the box features.
Social_Unlock the power of Horizon + SXA - April 29 Sitecore Summit Virtual Event
AI Search with Coveo - May 27 2021 Sitecore Summit Virtual Event (1)
AI Search With Coveo
In this session, Jaina Baumgartner will be joined with Aljosa Asanovic who is the Coveo for Sitecore Product Manager at Coveo. They'll set up the story with table stakes for search and personalization and lead into a demo to show how Coveo’s built-in relevance tuning tools, combined with Sitecore xDB, enables companies to deliver personalized experiences for website visitors at scale. The audience will get to see real-time website that are using Coveo for Sitecore and how it elevates the user experience.
The Case for a Content Hub
Jaina Baumgartner and Sitecore's Content Hub Specialist, Corrie Sahli, discuss the business value of Content Hub. When talking about ROI, cost is the most direct and visible parameter that comes to mind. A good marketing content hub has integrated tools that make marketing processes more efficient — and naturally, better efficiency translates into greater cost-effectiveness.

The cost savings continue once digital marketing assets are produced, thanks to a content hub’s ability to help efficiently store, find, distribute, and reuse valuable content.
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Content Hub - July 29 2021 Sitecore Summit Virtual Event_Reg page image (2)
Inside Content Hub Demo 
In this session, Jaina Baumgartner continues with the topic of Sitecore's Content Hub but this time with Sitecore's Content Hub Product Specialist, Caridad Bojorquez.  They will discuss two components of Sitecore's Content Hub: 1) Content Marketing Platform (CMP) which helps streamline content strategizing, planning, creation, and publication and 2) Web-to-Print (W2P) which allows users to self-serve and automate collateral creation. This session includes a brief demo of these two components as well.  This is one you don't want to miss! 


  • SEPTEMBER 23, 2021  - Owning Your Commerce Roadmap
  • OCTOBER 28, 2021  - Customer Success Story
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