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“91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who recognize, remember, and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations.*”

RDA’s leading Sitecore personalization offering is a packaged 4-week program that takes your digital experience (DX) platform to the next level.

Personalization is now an imperative for customer experience and it works – 64% of consumers say that providing an excellent customer experience strengthens their loyalty and 67% of customers will pay more for a great experience.**


Targeting your message, products or services based on the profile of your customers and their preferences isn’t just a matter of flipping a switch. However, we have developed a straightforward process to help you launch a future-proof personalization program that's data-driven, generates brand loyalty, increases conversion, and is ready for any new device that emerges on the market.

Personalization comes in many shapes and sizes. When strategically implemented, customers get the information they want, when and where they want it.


Our Peak Personalization Program is led by a Sitecore Strategy MVP and provides you:

  1. A blueprint and scope for your business success

  2. Strong knowledge transfer to your team to continue down this path

  3. Immediate outcomes on your website including:

    • Knowing your customers and their interactions with your website​

    • Increasing engagement of your customers on your website

    • The start of omni-channel personalization 

Check out what Jaina Baumgartner, Sitecore Strategy MVP, has to say about the power of personalization by watching the video below. 

Five (5) Key Focus Areas Help You Build a Foundation for Long-Term Success

Business Alignment

The Business & Marketing ROI Analysis aligns customer experience capabilities with key business and marketing strategy. The result is that all optimization outcomes are aligned to positive business results.


Engagement Analytics

The Engagement Value Scale exercise is the starting point for Sitecore Analytics. Workshop attendees brainstorm the digital goals they will use to achieve their marketing objectives. The result is that the platform can immediately begin gathering valuable and actionable visitor engagement data. 


Rules Based Personalization for Sitecore

Rules Based Personalization Workshop is the entry point into Sitecore personalization. 

This digital fingerprint is low hanging marketing fruit.  Simple to exploit, easy to implement. We uncover the most relevant places on the site to undertake personalization, and define the kinds of personalization that will have the greatest business impact – with the minimal configuration.


Profiles and Predictive Personalization

Here we define relevant profiles and predictive personalization opportunities. This includes the generation of Profiles, Profile Keys, and the Digital Relevancy Map (Customer Journey) for major revenue generating profiles. You will begin to better understand your customers online behavior and segments. 


A/B Testing

Testing Optimization defines relevant A/B, Multivariate and page test hypotheses', surfaces where to test and indicates anticipated outcomes. We aim to test the major “calls to action” on the site, and key conversion places to achieve the best optimization outcomes. These are the first steps towards a culture that tests continuously to achieve the strongest business outcomes possible.

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Why RDA 

RDA has been a Sitecore implementation partner since 2011, with expertise in implementation, complex integrations and on-going optimization. Our Sitecore developers have the breadth and depth of knowledge to help you get started with Sitecore personalization. 

Not on Sitecore? 

Get started with a digital strategy workshop or check out some of our other digital solutions. If you can't find what  you're looking for, contact us and we'd be happy to help!  

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