Shopify Solutions for eCommerce

Are you interested in Shopify for an eCommerce store? At RDA Corporation near Baltimore, Maryland, we specialize in eCommerce solutions for a wide range of industries in the region. Our knowledgeable staff understands how to navigate eCommerce and utilize their functions to help businesses with this area of their operations. We are committed to using eCommerce solutions to help businesses achieve both their long-term and short-term goals. As eCommerce is becoming more prominent, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve to compete with other companies within their industry. Our eCommerce specialists discuss your goals and understand your business to create an experience through Shopify that resonates with your audience.

With over 30 years of experience providing eCommerce solutions to different industries, we understand the various obstacles that can arise and how to overcome them. We understand that shopping behaviors are ever-evolving, and with technology modernizing at a rapid rate, it's necessary to pay attention to consumer behaviors.
At RDA Corp, we utilize eCommerce to attract more customers through personalization strategies. Our team is committed to gaining an in-depth understanding of your company, its objectives, and your consumers to prosper through eCommerce. If you're interested in Shopify for your eCommerce store, look to the professionals at RDA Corporation for more information on how it can enhance your business. Contact RDA Corporation to learn more about Shopify for eCommerce. 

What eCommerce services do we provide? 


At RDA Corporation, we provide services that offer insight into eCommerce areas so that you are set up for success. RDA Corp consistently stays ahead of industry trends to ensure our clients have the tools, systems, and strategies in place to reach their objectives. We provide the following eCommerce solutions and services:


  • Accelerated Deployment (Including Prebuilt Storefronts, Plug-ins for Tax, Shipping, and Payment, and Prebuilt Integration Layers)

  • Product Catalogs, Approval and Budgeting Workflows, Order Management and Quoting

  • PunchOut and Procurement Process Automation

  • Online Store Design and Development

  • Mobile Commerce

  • Personalization

The benefits of eCommerce

for Shopify

As Shopify is one of the top E-commerce platforms on the market, many benefits make it stand out as one of the best. Shopify gives businesses the power to build their own online selling stores with various features to enhance their marketing strategy. With Shopify, store owners can sell products directly on the website and across social media channels, capitalizing on an ever-growing market. E-commerce has changed the sales landscape, making it more accessible to people as online items rather than in stores. As eCommerce provides consumers with the option to make a purchase at any time, it can significantly increase a business's revenue and ROI. Below, we break down a few of Shopify's top benefits for your businesses' eCommerce store.

CRM Integrations

Mobile Responsive

One of the critical factors in a successful website is mobile responsiveness. Smartphones are increasing in prominence over the years, so it's essential for a website to load quickly on a mobile device. Without a quick load time, consumers are more likely to bounce off of the page and move onto a new site, which can cost you business. Mobile responsiveness is the key to an e-commerce store's success as mobile shoppers are increasing daily. With this influx of shoppers looking online for items, it's important to make the shopping process quick, easy, and seamless. 


Through Shopify, you can have peace of mind knowing that your customers' financial information is protected when making a purchase. Security is essential for eCommerce because it pertains to confidential personal and financial information of the customers. Customer security is the highest priority and must be protected at all times. With secure transactions, customers can feel confident while shopping in your online store. Shopify offers many security measures to provide your customers with an ideal shopping experience. 

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Digital Solutions

Easy to Utilize

A business has many different things to keep track of in day to day activities. With an online store, it's best for everything to be seamless and interconnected. Shopify offers a simple, efficient system that is easy for business owners to utilize for their online store. With a user-friendly-and intuitive user face, businesses can create their site quickly, maximizing time and productivity. The Shopify platform offers the software and hosting that is needed for launching the website, making it a seamless transition for store owners. Overall, the platform is user-friendly, quick, and loaded with the apps necessary for a business to get the most out of its functions. 



Since 2011, RDA's dedicated Sitecore developers have used Sitecore best practices, agile methodology and extensive systems integration to transform our client’s marketing strategies into action and drive their revenue. 


Partners for over 25 years, RDA and Microsoft have always been focused on putting the customer first. Together, we are helping organizations compete and succeed in this dynamic digital landscape. 


We assess technical solution options & map out a quick-win strategy based on proven best practices in your industry.


Turn shoppers into lifetime customers with self-service, personalized experiences shaped by insights and context.


Implementation and migration playbooks are easily deployed through a prescriptive DX approach.

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