KPI Development

Let's establish the KPIs that matter and then measure the Return on Investment on all initiatives, and know when to invest or pivot,

Organizing focus areas such as organic search, brand awareness, content, and customer satisfaction can enable you to track the KPIs that will provide the most insights for your strategy while keeping you from getting lost within the silos of data.


Adopt a KPI, and analytics-driven approach.

Data is the centerpiece of any properly executed digital strategy. It’s the key to understanding your customers, what content needs to be created, how content is performing, and more. It’s what makes adopting AI possible. But data is also the driving force behind the new era of trust.

In an age of rapidly evolving privacy regulations, it’s your opportunity to deliver value, differentiate, and gain a competitive advantage. This workshop will enable you to take the right next steps. 


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Build Data Insights.

It’s important to understand which metrics you should actually track and pay attention to, which can tell you the most about the results of your marketing efforts and how you can use these data points to align your marketing budget and drive value to overall business goals and objectives.

Workshop Topics:

  • Clearly map ROI to Marketing spend, and be able to track it
  • Create a Marketing roadmap and Initiatives focused on Objectives
  • Measure the Return on Investment on all initiatives, and know when to invest 
  • Get to know, acquire, and retain your customers better

RDA's KPI workshop increases your data-driven approach.

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