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RDA Headquarters
303 International Cir., Suite 340
Hunt Valley, MD 21030
 New York NY | Philadelphia PA |  Baltimore MD |  Reston VA |  Washington DC  |  Richmond VA  |  Wilmington DE |  Charlotte NC  |  Raleigh NC  |  Atlanta GA 

Industries We Serve

We've helped 1,500+ brands increase operational efficiency, minimize risk and grow their revenue. Over the last 30 years, we have found ourselves working in specific industries, assembling deep capabilities and knowledge of their digital journeys. Our expertise aligns well when we partner with our clients to build and deliver customer-centric digital roadmaps. 


Nowhere is the rate of change happening faster than in the world of commerce and the customer experience. Modern distributors are taking advantage of that by building robust distribution channels with sophisticated cloud-based connected commerce capabilities. RDA’s award-winning commerce team has a proven framework for commerce success.


Digital disruptions have transformed how professional services compete. Channels, business models and revenue streams are being transformed by apps, cloud computing and intelligent workplaces. We have a choice: disrupt or be disrupted. AI, Bots, and RPA are already changing the way operations are run.  RDA’s AI workshops are a great way to validate your direction and get some real momentum.


An agile, digital ecosystem is necessary for institutions to have greater, data-driven intelligence on their customers, markets and internal business processes. RDA’s project experience spans commercial, residential and student lending, capital markets, equities, property and casualty insurance, reinsurance and industry regulation. Our digital transformation engagements typically start with defining a solid roadmap.


The wave of legal innovation continues to grow larger. Technology, processes, access to institutional capital, re-regulation, and client demand for enhanced value, are legal innovation’s principal drivers.​ RDA’s proven experience with dozens of large and small firms facilitate personalized engagement and intelligent automation. These solutions hold the promise to lower costs, increase revenue, and strengthen client relationships.  


Leaders in higher education face challenges with funding, global competition, keeping up with a connected world, legacy systems and supporting a diverse set of students who are mobile.  RDA is dedicated to helping institutions drive engagement across the entire student life cycle.  We understand that most higher education institutions are drowning in data, but few have a centralized way to manage student engagement from enrollment to graduation.


Nonprofits everywhere are struggling to address an unrelenting wave of complex global crises, even as the resources to address these challenges become increasingly scarce. RDA delivers a well thought out digital strategy to connect your people, processes, and technology that can accelerate your impact to serve your constituencies and realize your mission.


Consumers want buying experiences, not just products. Knowing your customer means truly understanding their needs and wants. Deliver a personalized experience across every touch point in the customer journey to build long term customer loyalty. RDA helps turn incomprehensible amounts of customer data into actionable insightspeak personalization finally makes personalization attainable.