Providing remote implementations for our clients is something RDA has been doing for decades. We are always prepared to support our clients remotely where, and when, possible.

Because of RDA’s software engineering heritage, we recognize that a tried and tested process is critical to ensure the successful outcome of a project. RDA is a long-standing practitioner of Agile project management, an industry-recognized best practice approach to developing software solutions. We understand the value of Agile in lowering project risk and demonstrating tangible progress to our clients.

RDA applies several techniques and approaches to ensure our project teams are tightly integrated with our clients. This ensures success in addressing engagement priorities and objectives. Our multi-faceted agile approach is designed to identify and mitigate risks early, factor in constraints (such as time, budget), manage scope, and deliver high-quality solutions. 

RDA’s Agile Delivery Approach

The foundation of RDA’s process is clear and ensures constant communication with our customers so that expectations are defined, and the respective project teams are accountable. RDA’s standard process is flexible to logistical adjustments and scale so that it can seamlessly fit in with existing procedures. Our goal is to ensure that stakeholders are confident in the quality and velocity of delivered features.

Today’s market requires teams to deliver at a rapid pace. RDA delivers high-quality solutions on industry-leading digital experience platforms that drive critical results for well-known brands. We are entrusted with a brand’s reputation and known to over deliver on every sprint. 


RDA’s Agile Development/Scrum approach ensures the delivery of the backlog of tasks throughout the life cycle—from inception through testing and deployment.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Manage stories across sprints, backlogs, and epics

  • Accelerate delivery and time to value with more accurate planning and visibility

  • Optimize project resources by forecasting work levels to determine future project velocities

Since 2011, RDA's dedicated Sitecore developers have used Sitecore best practices, agile methodology and extensive systems integration to transform our client’s marketing strategies into action and drive their revenue.
Partners for over 25 years, RDA and Microsoft have always been focused on putting the customer first. Together, we are helping organizations compete and succeed in this dynamic digital landscape.
We assess technical solution options & map out a quick-win strategy based on proven best practices in your industry.
Turn shoppers into lifetime customers with self-service, personalized experiences shaped by insights and context.
We specialize in integrating valuable customer website analytics directly into your CRM.
Client Story
Acuity Brands
Acuity Brands builds new Sitecore site that brings more than 4,500 product web pages to light for business customers.
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"With RDA as our digital experience partner, we hit our five-month roadmap from kickoff of development to our beta launch, and then one more month to the live launch of our robust, fairly complicated site. Together, we are providing a website that is industry best-in-class"

Andrew Crowder
Vice President, Enterprise
Architecture, Web, Acuity Brands