Architecting the Composable Future: An Easy Guide to Understanding MACH

Tap Into the Power of MACH Architecture

Businesses, from airlines to zip lines, must deliver a modern digital experience to stay relevant and competitive. But traditional, monolithic IT architectures are holding organizations back from meeting fast-evolving market expectations.
How often have business users in your company proposed new strategies and tactics to improve sales and customer service only to get a “sorry, can’t do” or “sure, check back in 3 months” from the IT department?
No fault of the IT folks. They’re already stretched thin, trying to meet new demands with old technologies. We need new ways to deliver a modern customer experience.
A composable digital experience platform (DXP) allows companies to leverage the latest tools and technologies to respond to changing consumer needs. They can make data-driven decisions and deliver an omnichannel customer experience (CX) without the hurdles associated with traditional IT architectures.
You'll Learn: 
  • What Is a Composable DXP
  • What Is a MACH Architecture?
  • The Benefits of a MACH Architecture
  • How to Get Started with MACH Architecture
  • Navigating MACH Architecture Challenges
  • What to Consider When Implementing a MACH Architecture
To implement a composable platform, we must first understand the framework that makes it possible: MACH architecture. This guide looks at what composable DXP and MACH architectures are, the benefits of using MACH, and how to get started.

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