Learn how GreenCourt and RDA disrupted the legal industry by turning an information overload into efficient, swift, manageable processes.

“The success of PeachCourt and of our company depends on a people-first attitude and technology applied with expertise. RDA has helped us focus on both of those factors. Thanks to RDA’s guidance and Azure’s economics, PeachCourt carries a low total cost of ownership”.

-Andy Johnson, CEO

The PeachCourtTM system serves more than 1,300 trial courts across the state. The company had eight weeks to deploy a more viable electronic-filing product for the Georgia court system. The product would first be launched in a single county and later implemented across the state’s 159 counties.

RDA was tasked with building a more efficient and automated electronic filing system. The e-filing solution includes an intuitive user interface and accommodates the input, review, storage, and management of documents for all types of court filings. Upon acceptance of an e-filing, a series of events is triggered. Fee assessment and processing, document stamping, document signing, and email notifications are part of the newly automated workflow RDA built. The solution is also entirely cloud-based, with no infrastructure requiring ongoing management.


  • Reports took an average of 30 minutes to electronically file


  • E-filing reports now takes a mere 3 minutes

  • Each legal case can now include 10+ filings


  • Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Automated document processing