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Gem’s customers discover top designers and shop glittering gemstones online.

The Gem team is taking charge of their entire content lifecycle with Sitecore Content Hub™.



Leading omnichannel platform for selling fine jewelry.

GEM understands the business value of providing its customers a personalized, tailored experience through its Concierge Services. To grow and improve this segment of their business, GEM hired RDA to architect a cloud-based portal that is readily accessible to their partners and provides near-time inventory updates across all channels.

RDA enhances personalized, tailored experiences through GEM’s Concierge Services.


  • Single source of truth that integrates seamlessly GEM’s Apps
  • Full visibility, access, and collaboration across the entire content workflow.
  • Improved marketing operations with faster access to digital assets, better review processes, and clear delineation of approved assets

RDA delivered the strategy, design, and configuration of Sitecore’s Content Hub for GEM’s management product information and digital assets.

RDA's Services:

  • Advisory Services: Content Hub Strategy
  • Design & Build: Content Hub Development, Data Analysis, and API Development

Gem's concierges have decades of experience, working with the world’s leading manufacturers and designers to give their loyal clients access to unique and often hard-to-find items.

Client success story:


Covington worked with RDA to harness the power of personalization to tailor Covington's content to specific users.

As a result, users stayed on their site more than double the time they did before. The site also experienced a 115% increase in subscriptions and a 93 percent increase in total page views of tech sector content.

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