RDA's 2020 Vision - Welcome to the Next Roaring '20's

Tom Cole, CEO & President

RDA is entering our fourth (4th) decade in business and I couldn't be more excited. During the first 30 years we saw acceleration of the number and capability provided by developer tools and the ease of connecting software and services over the internet. We now draw from the those years where the technical skills to design and build software was the criteria to today where users expect their partners to build, integrate and support solutions that achieve business outcomes.

We built our reputation by writing software that was efficient, broken into short iterations that provided quick wins/value, and architected so it would grow and evolve with our clients. We enjoyed an 85% return rate annually by our clients, which I believe is because we guaranteed our work and applied the 'golden rule' to our clients. 

Today, the market is filled with SaaS solutions, standards for interfacing software and exchanging data, and expectations by users that companies know what they want and when they want it. And that is why I'm so jacked for our next decade. Users have evolved their expectations, they are demanding more which disrupts and drives business' to respond and evolve. 

What does that mean to RDA? We are 100% focused on enabling our clients to provide the right information, to the right person, at the right time, on the right platform to their customers. We have spent the last seven years grooming our capabilities and knowledge around content, engagement, and ecommerce. We are extending that knowledge to add services around customer data platforms (CDPs), dynamic use of data, and AI/ML in support of decision algorithms. In short, connecting the systems and data associated with *content*, *people*, and *desire*. We start with advisory, strategy, roadmap, and architecture services, then build and integrate the tools and platforms required, and conclude with managing, analyzing, and optimizing services to insure our clients get results.

Get ready - welcome to the next Roaring '20's!

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