RDA Recognized As Top Marketing Technology Services Agency Based on Customer Feedback

RDA, a leading provider of digital solutions, is proud to have received Digital Clarity Group's (DCG) VOCalis Award, the only Voice of Customer award for agencies and consultancies in the marketing technology industry.

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VOCalis is DCG's Voice of the Customer (VOC) assessment program that uses customer feedback to bring transparency to the performance of digital agencies, consultancies, and integrators when implementing or servicing marketing technology solutions. Among the criteria for a VOCalis Award, recipients must have feedback that puts them in the top 10% of all agencies. To date, VOCalis has captured feedback about more than 400 digital agencies from more than 8,000 senior leaders at thousands of brand customers.

"We are delighted to present the VOCalis Award to RDA. This award distinguishes the agency as an exceptional provider of marketing technology services according to its customers," said Digital Clarity Group CEO Scott Liewehr. "Interestingly, the majority of RDA customers we surveyed are on the Sitecore platform, and ALL of them are satisfied with RDA's services. Our data indicates that the majority of digital agencies receive positive feedback in pockets – they perform well on some engagements, but they struggle on others. This is not the case for RDA – its Sitecore customers unanimously agree that its services are top-notch, and we are proud to recommend RDA based on its excellent customer feedback."

According to DCG's research, 48% of RDA's customers rate the firm's overall performance as "Excellent" (a score of 90+ on a scale of 0-100). The industry benchmark for this rating is 11%, meaning that RDA has 4.4 times (or 436%) more customers that give them top praise than the average agency. Additionally, RDA's average score was nearly 20% higher than the industry mean, and it received a consistency rating (standard deviation) that was twice that of others.

"This is a tremendous accomplishment for our RDA Team. It shows that not only do we continue to display our commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction day-in and day-out, but also the direct customer feedback ranks RDA in the top 10% of over 400 agencies. To our customers and partners, thank you for trusting in RDA to deliver on your most critical digital initiatives. Customer value truly is our North Star" said Matt Forsyth, RDA's Chief Revenue Officer.


About Digital Clarity Group

Digital Clarity Group (DCG) is a market research and advisory firm that helps organizations deliver world-class digital experiences by partnering with agencies and technology vendors to capture and analyze Voice of Customer feedback. DCG delivers on its mission through its VOCalis customer satisfaction assessment program and through Partner Finder, a free platform that enables buyers to create short lists of qualified digital partners based on key criteria.

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