Putting Customers First: A Long-Standing RDA Tradition

Nick Miklowski, Account Executive

I joined RDA to help expand the company’s footprint in the Southeastern United States. It was no small change to leave one great group of people to work with another. The timing was right personally, but the undercurrent of excitement consistently shown throughout the RDA team is what really pulled me in.

For a company that has consistently prioritized the customer for more than 30 years, it helps that providing a great customer experience is now in vogue everywhere. Companies are working to improve their interactions with customers and this happens to be what RDA does exceptionally well and specializes in helping other organizations to do.

There is one activity that strikes me as unique to RDA and exemplifies what it means to put customers first, the Digital Workshop. For clients and prospects, it’s a free service and one that helps businesses map out a path forward while aligning goals and strategies.

Achieving this internal alignment can be a huge undertaking for many companies. It often requires considerable commitment towards working collaboratively on a strategic plan. However, by having RDA facilitate the workshop, providing guidance and taking on the creation of the final deliverable, businesses are free to focus on sharing ideas and challenging long-held practices. Along the way, RDA and the client get to know each other, learn more about one another’s culture and start to see each other’s strengths.

There are countless examples of RDA delivering these workshops to clients across all industry types. For instance, a retail giant in the Carolinas was looking to implement new customer experience initiatives in order to meet business goals and remain relevant with customers. RDA was tasked with facilitating a workshop to map out this digital transformation. After completing the workshop and developing a roadmap, RDA completely overhauled the retailer’s web presence, allowing them to deliver a simplified customer journey and a superior user experience while achieving greater brand awareness.

A global manufacturer near Atlanta was struggling with a disjointed web presence. Self-service for customers was also lacking. After multiple strategy workshops and system evaluations, RDA developed a clear path forward in the form of a digital roadmap and helped implement a revamped, modern web experience. The client is now able to quickly share new products in the market, had increased revenue and improved the overall customer experience.

For me, these are real examples of prioritizing customers. Sure, it is possible for the workshops to lead to projects down the line, but before any resources are assigned or requirements are gathered, the only transaction is a mutual exchange of time. RDA understands that unless a company knows where it currently stands and where it wants to go, any new project or initiative is a risk. RDA’s goal is to make sure a company aligns internally on what it believes will make it successful, not on what a RDA can sell it.

The Digital Workshop is why clients want to continue the partnership year on end. It’s not a marketing campaign, it’s a genuine prioritization of the customer that defines this company.

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