Five Ways to Improve B2B Commerce

Chad Solomonson, VP of Marketing & Alliances

85% of B2B companies recognize that digital commerce is an important revenue opportunity that they are not yet fully utilizing (Everage). Outperforming companies are taking advantage of digital trends to create highly personalized customer experiences and drive revenue. Below are five basic areas that B2B companies can implement today to improve their digital commerce.

Make Digital an Investment Priority

More and more, customers are going online to complete their shopping needs, research products, and interact with companies, solidifying the need for a strong eCommerce platform. Digital gives you the ability to track your customers and centralize data so you can analyze habits, predict future trends, and adjust your business strategy to meet customer expectations. If you want to expand the amount of channels you use to interact with your customers on, make digital a part of your investment strategy.

Keep Things Simple and Seamless

Technology has expanded the capabilities of businesses but has also complicated tasks like finding a product, or contacting customer service. Keep your storefront simple and the customer experience seamless across your website, app, and in-store interactions. Consistency and simplicity form a lasting connection with customers and will make them more inclined to return. For example, when using Amazon’s app a customer can purchase something with one click and be done. Is your site or app as direct and easy to use?

RDA applied its understanding of crafting high-quality digital touchpoints when it helped transform Neenah Paper’s eCommerce experience. We revamped their sites to include easier navigation, a simpler design, and an easier purchasing process. The new microsites will launch over the upcoming months and will better showcase Neenah’s brand. Read their full story (link to success story)

Don’t Overlook Mobile

Having an app and/or a device friendly website makes your company more attractive to your customers, and can help generate more revenue. B2C customers have obtained certain expectations when purchasing, such as; simplicity, speed to purchase, and accessibility, which are now becoming the expectations of B2B customers. Deliver the consumer experience to your B2B customers by developing your mobile platforms to include easy purchasing options for repeat customers, enhanced search capabilities to promote ease of use, and the ability to buy from any device.

Personalization and Segmentation are Key

Personalization creates a sense of individuality and uniqueness. Customers feel special and important, as though the company is paying particular attention to them. By segmenting and targeting different shoppers, personalization answers each customer’s different needs, thereby optimizing their experiences.

By appealing to the individual and not the crowd, your customers will feel valued and know you understand their overall problem. Begin by segmenting your buyers into personas based on purchasing habits or industry, and then steer your marketing efforts to address the unique needs of your customer groups accordingly.

Start Small, Build Big

Begin your digital transformation by focusing on one area that is simple to integrate, and then build upon that momentum. This allows your employees to adjust to the changes more easily and support the move to digital.

Tackling the above areas can help direct your digital transformation efforts and bring your B2B commerce to the next level. RDA has developed various playbooks to drive speed and confidence in your digital investments. Our playbooks compile proven strategies, approaches, and pre-built components that deliver consistent and successful solutions.

We bridge the gap between IT, marketing, and sales by collaborating closely to understand your business. We design, implement, and integrate technology solutions that enhance the customer experience to drive revenue and margin growth.

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