Demystifying the ASP.NET Core Request Pipeline: Preface

Jim Buck, Project Manager

For many developers, the area between a browser request and a controller action is a land of mystery and magic. Why shouldn't it be? In MVC, WebAPI and ASP.NET, core convention is king when it comes to routing and controllers. As long as your naming scheme follows convention, you can safely expect requests to magically hit you code.

But what happens when you don't follow convention? Or when you need to support a more complex configuration that is not provided by an out-of-the-box project template? Don't be afraid, the request pipeline doesn't have to be a black box. Having a solid understanding of the request pipeline can take you from zero to hero by the end of the sprint.

In this first article on, "Demystifying the ASP.NET Core Pipeline", I break down each type of server implementation and both the pros and cons for each. I also outline common scenarios and the best implementation to help you figure out which approach is best for you project.

You can read the full article by clicking here.

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