Agile Marketing: Excelling at the Basics

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Chad Solomonson, VP of Marketing & Alliances

Today, companies must constantly adapt and pivot to keep pace with the market. Initially adopted by software engineering teams, agile methodologies have now become a standard in high-performing marketing teams.

Agile marketing has been talked about for years, but the teams driving innovation are leveraging enterprise technology investments, scaling customer insights across channels and building repeatable and transparent processes.

Instead of spending time and resources on launching one “big-bang” campaign, successful marketers are building a strong foundation to experiment, test, and adapt, by continually collecting data and learning about their customers. Focusing your efforts on building the following agile marketing capabilities will keep you moving with speed and confidence.

Customer Experience Platform

Many marketing teams have done the hard work of creating assets and content on their customer platform that aligns with their brands. Getting a strong platform in place unleashes significant opportunities for agile marketing. The strategic objective now must focus on how, where, and when you should present your content and to whom. Features such as campaign automation, personalization, A/B Testing, Geolocation services and new channels such as eCommerce are the paths forward.

Sitecore’s Fabienne Heiles gives a nice picture describing the value of an agile marketing team with a strong platform:

“I see customer experience as the perfect puzzle, with every interaction a consumer has with your brand or product as the piece that fits perfectly according to his needs and desires. If we can offer him all the right pieces, at the right moment, we can complete his puzzle – in other words, a satisfying customer experience.

Agile marketing plays a huge role in this. It allows us to personalize each piece of the puzzle in real-time and adapt it to whatever gap there is in a customer’s needs. With the data we collect, thanks to being agile, we are able to instantly form an image of who the customer is and serve him the information he’s looking for before he knows he needs it”.

Strive for Data Driven Outcomes

Customer focused platforms can present real time insights and data that can enable agile marketers to optimize their investments, align with business goals, and ultimately establish their value.

As marketers develope confidence and savviness in their customer data and customer initiatives, the following outcomes become critical to success:

  • Speed to market (days, not weeks) with offers, campaigns, and new product releases

  • Personalized marketing interactions that solve problems and create measurable value

  • Marketing becomes a major source of the company’s competitive advantage

  • Stronger alignment and confidence with sales and product development teams

  • Return on Marketing Investment and Lifetime Customer Value metrics become viable KPIs for growth

Predictable & Transparent Delivery

RDA has been delivering successful enterprise projects for nearly three decades using agile development methodologies. Naturally we have taken on this approach to drive highly measurable marketing services. By excelling in agile delivery best practices, our ‘Digital Marketing DNA’ is now wired the same way.

Strong processes break down the barriers between various departments. Many of our clients are at various stages of Digital Maturity. They are starting to embrace agile management tools such as Kanban and Trello. These tools are easy to deploy and can quickly enhance collaboration internal and external collaboration.

Marketing today requires sophistication and constant optimization. Investing time and resources to build a strong agile marketing foundation will keep brands healthy and aligned with ever changing customer needs.

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