5 Ways Manufacturers are Using Chatbots

Adam Brawdy, Digital Marketing Specialist

Chatbots are dramatically changing the world around us. These intelligent agents, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, are already being used in almost every industry, especially manufacturing. Below are 5 ways manufacturers are already using chatbots to save time and improve productivity.

1. Optimizing the Customer Experience

Chatbots are changing the way businesses provide customer service. Providing customers with responses in real-time, answering common questions, resolving complaints quickly and providing a consistent brand voice are just a few of the ways bots are transforming the customer experience - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

2. Streamlining Equipment Maintenance

Chatbots can also play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of equipment used by manufacturers. These bots can connect with existing databases to provide instant reports on equipment health. Maintenance teams can easily ask a bot questions about equipment metrics and make changes on the fly to ensure all equipment runs smoothly and remains highly productive.

3. Changing the World of HR

Manufacturers can use bots to streamline communication between HR and the workforce. If an employee has a question about his or her workers compensation, company policies, or other HR-related questions, employees can easily ask a chatbot instead of setting up a meeting with HR. Bots can also help in the hiring process through asking applicants a set of standard questions and collecting that information.

4. Preventing Recalls through Enhanced Quality Control

Ineffective quality control can be detrimental as even one negative product review can permanently damage a company’s reputation. Using a pre-determined set of standards, bots can analyze products for defects, ensuring all products meet business standards and exceed customer expectations. As many of us know firsthand, humans make mistakes, but with the help of bots, we can minimizes these errors.

5. Revolutionizing Supply and Inventory Planning

Through using a chatbot-based QnA system, manufacturers can receive instant reports on everything related to inbound logistics, including the purchasing, transportation, storage and inventory count on materials needed to produce finished goods. These intelligent agents can also provide considerable value on the manufacturing and outbound logistics side through providing status updates on goods in progress, goods produced, inventory in-stock, inventory out-of-stock, goods distributed and goods returned.

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