We’re sharing our secrets. Learn why Alex Lee chose our workshops to transform its digital taxonomy and energize its brand experience.

Founded in 1931, Alex Lee is the parent company of Merchants Distributors, LLC and Lowes Foods grocery stores based in Hickory, NC. The 85-year history and proud heritage of Alex Lee is a legacy that continues into the future. Alex Lee wasn’t afraid to reinvent themselves and the way they do business to stay relevant to their customers in the digital age. Alex Lee decided to implement new customer experience initiatives to keep up with the pace of innovation, take advantage of emerging trends, and achieve their business goals.  

We applied a modern UX design to simplify the visitor’s journey. The attractive and functional interface is optimized to provide a consistent and intuitive user experience, enabling Alex Lee to achieve strong brand awareness as well as an easy user experience. Alex Lee’s IT team adjusted quickly to the Sitecore experience and its participation in our workshops allows the team members to make updates and fixes independently.



Alex Lee
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