Digital Marketing Health Check

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Gartner predicts 41% of enterprise revenue will come from digital business in 2020. Companies looking to grab market share must constantly adapt and pivot to keep pace with disruptive competitors and rapidly changing customer behaviors.

Successful marketing teams drive results by leveraging enterprise technology investments, and collecting and applying customer insights across all their marketing channels.

Customers today expect brands to deliver value and high quality service at every touchpoint, pressuring marketers to provide a connected experience.

To deliver these results, hit the pause button a minute to evaluate your digital marketing process and tools -- what you have, where you are, and what results you want. This exercise is a necessary step to keep your digital marketing healthy.

RDA has the right Rx! Our goal is to successfully deploy and maintain healthy digital marketing platforms, so we developed a Digital Marketing Health Check to help you accomplish three important outcomes:

  • Understand clearly how you currently match up to the ever changing digital landscape
  • Identify quick wins for digital engagement and optimization
  • Develop a clear vision and actionable initiatives for results and future growth opportunities

Get started today…

  • Reach us by completing this form and within 2 days, you’ll receive a confirmation email qualifying you for the digital marketing health check.
  • After receiving the confirmation email, RDA will schedule and facilitate a 30-minute phone call to learn about your company and goals.
  • As needed, RDA will facilitate 2-3 one-on-one phone interviews with identified stakeholders
  • RDA will present and share key findings and recommendations to the specified team
  • RDA will finalize those key findings and deliver an actionable Digital Marketing Health Check plan to the specified team

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A healthy marketing team and digital platform are always growing and learning. Learn more about RDA’s Agile Digital Marketing Services -- Let’s Go!