Executing Best-Practices Application Modernization

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To modernize something is to bring it up to speed with the newest capabilities and specifications - but technology does not remain “modern” forever, or even for long . At RDA, we’ve seen three decades worth of churn in the enterprise tech space, as established vendors and startups alike constantly compete to release the latest and greatest.

According to a 2015 Gartner survey, nearly 50% of respondents with knowledge of their business’ application strategy reported software modernization among their top priorities. Software’s rapid growth (and obsolescence) mean that your capabilities could fall well behind those of your competitors in a few short years. In addition, employee expertise - vital to a business’ technology strategy going forward – can become increasingly outdated as modernization is delayed, creating an issue which compounds itself over time.

Businesses that stay ahead of the pack must modernize repeatedly with an eye on the future - in recognition that what is “modern” now won’t always be so. To help organizations like yours combat this relentless pace of change, we stay up-to-date, learning the newest software applications, programming languages, and development tools along with - of course - a pile of the latest buzzwords. RDA uses its knowledge and experience in this shifting market to develop modern tech stacks that reflect the certainty of future technology disruptions.

With this whitepaper, we present our insights into how to plan for usability, robust capability and flexibility in custom IT systems by focusing on four areas critical to best-practices application modernization: Technology selection, UI planning, System architecture, and Development methodology. Along the way, we address important success factors like linking modernization initiatives to your business drivers and discuss a variety of the tips, tricks and pitfalls we’ve experienced across our diverse set of completed projects.

whitepaper front cover Whitepaper - Application Modernization:
Full-stack insight into the science of planning
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