RDA Has Simplified Your Customer Experience Game Plan. Let's Play!


After 30 years of system integrations and building applications, RDA has designed and documented custom playbooks intended to drive faster deployments and confidence in your digital marketing investments.

In great disruption, there is great opportunity. You are being judged on your customers’ last great experience. You are being judged through the lens of the greatest brands on earth – Amazon, Starbucks, Panera. This is why marketers need speed. Everything requires automation.

Our customers consistently engage with us to attack real problems that are restricting their growth. Our playbooks provide proven delivery frameworks to unlock agility, drive revenue growth and protect margins.

This Connected Commerce Playbook outlines simply the play-by-play moves and decisions a company must make to build a seamless customer experience. Winning brands rise above the noise by delighting their consumers. This requires deep insights into a single consumer’s buying behavior across all B2B and B2C channels. People want to buy from brands that care about them.

playbook front cover The Playbook Win:
Understand what your customers want
and make it easy for them to get it.

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The play-by-play moves and decisions your company needs to build simplicity into your customers’ buying experience.