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Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search

Turn information into results.

Are you able to get relevant information to help you make business decisions? Enterprise search connects you to the information you need to take action and effectively drive business outcomes. By being able to access structured and unstructured data within your entire organization, you can increase employee productivity and help your customers get the information they need.

We at RDA can help you implement a powerful search solution that allows you to:

  • Turn Online Visits Into Revenue
    Attract new customers with a powerful enterprise search experience that stands out from the crowd, and retain them with better discovery and compelling content. Help monetize their visits through higher conversion, more page views, and new revenue streams.
  • Decrease Complexity and Cost
    By leveraging a single search platform across the entire enterprise, you can better manage your solutions, leading to both lower risk and less complexity.
  • Improve Business Decisions
    In today’s information economy, the source of many companies’ competitive advantage stems from their ability to manage and use information effectively. Companies can dramatically improve decision-making at all levels by empowering their knowledge workers with fast, easy access to accurate information through powerful, state-of-the-art solutions that enhance users’ search experiences.
  • Enable Information Discovery
    Even more important than search’s role in locating specific pieces of data is its ability to uncover relationships between pieces of information. Enterprise search is a connecting service; It relates concepts, facts, and ideas to others and it teases out relevant relationships in the data.
  • Boost Employee Productivity
    Give your employees better answers – faster – through a conversational and intuitive enterprise search system. By enabling collaboration and information-sharing, enterprises can cut costs through improved employee productivity and efficiency.