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Case Studies


Work with a proven performer.

Learn more about how we have helped save companies precious time, resources, and money and also achieve their potential.  The case studies in this section are organized by industry and solution type.

RDA Team

We don’t just say we have technology expertise, we back it up.

RDA utilizes our experienced field staff to tackle the challenging tasks of defining the solution architecture and integrating with back-end systems, while leveraging our new, state-of-the-art software development center to gain efficiencies and drive down costs. This combination of field and dev center experts allows us to approach every project from the perspective of using the “right person for the right job” to provide the most value to our clients.

Field Team

RDA has a staff of over 100 technical consultants, including project managers, principal architects, software engineers, software developers, implementation specialists and systems analysts. The experience and depth of RDA’s consultants is among the highest in the industry:

  • 15 years average industry experience for our consultants.
  • 18 years average industry experience for our project managers.
  • 16 years average industry experience for our principal architects.

RDA pursues and retains high caliber individuals skilled in business analysis, object-oriented analysis and design, distributed architecture design, leading web development technologies and relational database tools. Our technical staff has earned one of the highest certification levels in the industry with over 700 total certifications.

The RDA Development Center

Based in our corporate office, the RDA Development Center provides a dedicated team of highly motivated programmers with a consistent approach to development and testing. Dev Center personnel partner with our on-site resources on projects where programming efforts can be distributed in order to gain efficiencies and drive down development costs. Field consultants supplement the Dev Center for requirements gathering and user testing.  Coordination between our field teams and the Dev Center is seamless and fluid, thanks to dedicated project managers who serve as connection points between all project resources.